See This 4D Highway Effect in Japan, It's Really Cool

August 02, 2019
A Japanese citizen named Takayuki Yoshida created an amazing 4D effect with the After Effect application. The 4D effect is made on the Tokyo, Japan highway. On his Twitter post, Yoshida uploaded it on June 9, 2019.

In Yoshida's post, the traffic lights on the Japanese Highway turn green and have a fantastic 4D effect. Some Warganet even thought this was a reality. Many also praised his edits.

"Damn, it is a very extraordinary effect. I can hardly think of how to make it," said a citizen.

"Edits are very cool, is there a tutorial to make it. This is very good," said another.

"I am very disappointed this is not the real thing, it looks very good," another commented.

Yoshida's edits do look real by depicting someone can walk after the green light and there are eyes watching whether there are signs of danger and whether people have finished crossing. In addition, Japan is indeed famous for its sophisticated technology so it is believed Japan is able to create such 4D effects in the real world.

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