5 Best Marksman Heroes in the Mobile Legends Game

August 03, 2019
Mobile Legends game is one of the games that are contested in eSports. The game developed by Moonton carries the online multiplayer battle arena (MOBA) genre.

This Mobile Legends game presents heroes that can be chosen by gamers every time they start the match. Gamers must choose one of the many heroes, from the Tank class, Fighter, Marksman, to Support.

For gamers who like to attack from a distance, a hero in the marksman class can be an option. Here are some of the best marksman heroes.

Granger is one of the best marksman heroes in the Mobile Legends game because of his skills. Using firearms, this hero can be very deadly with ultimate Sonata ultimate skills. He can also accelerate quickly thanks to the skill Rondo, which can be relied upon to advance chase or escape from enemy attacks.

Lesley, a sniper hero can be feared by opponents because one shot can be very painful. Lesley has a skill similar to Granger, namely shooting enemies from a distance. However, this hero is able to lock the target so that the blurred target can only surrender accepting bullet attacks.

Claude excels at attacking and is good at moving places. This will make it difficult for the enemy to defeat him. Claude is also accompanied by Dexter to attack so that the blow will be very painful for the opponent.

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