How to Update Safe Updates on Samsung Smartphones

July 31, 2019
Not long ago 10 million Samsung smartphone users were deceived by fake applications. The application is Update for Samsung which promises firmware and security updates for Samsung phones.

Reporting from the Toms Guide page, Saturday (07/06/2019) Samsung has indeed routinely pushed firmware updates and notified users that these updates were available for installation.

But users can also check and install updates manually, like those on almost all Android phones. The methods are as follows:

1. Find the Settings application among the applications that are registered and open.

2. Scroll to Settings and click Software Update. (On many non-Samsung phones, Software Updates are found in About Phone.)

3. Click Check for system updates or Download and install

4. Click OK.

If there is a system update available, the phone will ask the user to download and install the update. This method is also safer, so users do not need to download third-party Samsung applications that are not yet safe.

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