Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Will Come Without a Headphone Jack?

August 04, 2019 0
Rolling rumors reveal that Samsung eliminates a 3.5mm headphone jack for Galaxy Note 10. Information circulating shows a rendering image of the Galaxy Note 10 featuring an "3.5mm to USB-C" adapter.

Reported by Techradar, if the picture is true it presents an adapter "3.5mm to USB-C", then the user must use a dongle to connect headphones to the handset.

As seen in the picture, the adapter looks identical to the "3.5mm to USB-C" dongle. This device is seen carrying white, which indicates other accessories will appear in the same color.

It is hoped that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be bundled with a pair of USB-C in-ear earphones. The device may use the active noise canceling function, according to a recent tweet from the Roland Quandt leaker.

Outperforming Huawei and Apple, Samsung tops cellphone sales in Q2 2019

August 04, 2019 0
Strategy Analytics and Counterpoint released some interesting data for Q2 2019 on global smartphone sales. Samsung is still the top producer and has increased sales and market share. Meanwhile, Huawei which came in second place also experienced an increase. Unfortunately, Apple is in third place and has decreased.

According to Strategy Analytics, global shipments fell 2.6% while Samsung posted a 1.9% increase, Huawei rose 1.7% and Apple lost 0.7% year on year. Complete Samsung has sold 76.3 million. Meanwhile, 58.7 million devices by Huawei and 38 million iPhones.

Reporting from the GSM Arena page, Friday (2/8/2019) Xiaomi and Oppo follow the top three OEMs with a market share of 9.4% and 8.7% with a slight increase. However, total shipments for Oppo fell while Xiaomi's numbers remained the same.

Counterpoint research provides roughly the same data with a little more detail for the rest of the brands in the top 10. Samsung's market share is around 20%, Huawei is almost 16% and Apple is slightly more than 10%.

All three OEMs have a slightly lower market share according to Counterpoint research. And contrary to the Strategy Analytics report, global shipments fell by only 1.2% compared to 2.6%.

What's interesting is the growth of Global HMD (Nokia) with 20% more shipments in Q2 2019 compared to Q2 2018. Nokia also managed to take 9th place in the global ranking.

Lenovo and Vivo also noted modest increase in sales while LG struggled to stay afloat. Realme growth is 848%, which is normal considering the company's first smartphone was released in Q2 2019 last year.

Oppo K3 Launched August 8 in Indonesia, Here Are the Specifications

August 04, 2019 0
After launching the Oppo Reno in mid-June 2019, Oppo brought back its newest mobile phone in the Indonesian market, the Oppo K3. The latest mobile phones will be present on August 8, 2019.

This information is known directly from the Oppo Indonesia post on Instagram. In this post Oppo Indonesia shows the appearance of a cellphone that has a thin bezel and full screen (no bangs). In addition, Oppo Indonesia also mentioned 'OLED Panaromic Full Screen' which suggests that cell phones will be supported with OLED screens.

Unfortunately, Oppo Indonesia has not announced details about the specifications of the cellphone. Nonetheless, referring to the Oppo K3 phone which was launched in China in May 2019, the cellphone has a pop-up camera called motorized similar to the camera on Oppo Reno.

Launching the GSM Arena, the Oppo K3 has a 6.5-inch screen that is supported by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The kitchen is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 and GPU Adreno 616. Furthermore, the internal memory capacity is supported with 128 / 256GB and 8GB RAM, and 6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.

Then, the front camera is equipped with a 16MP resolution. While the rear camera presents 16MP and 2MP resolution. The operating system uses Android Pie 9 and a 3.765 mAh battery. Other features on the Oppo K3 mobile phone are fingerprint on the screen, fast charging 20W, and 4G connectivity.

For low-end phones, PUBG Mobile Lite can be downloaded 400MB

August 03, 2019
PUBG Mobile Lite is present for those who have limited hardware capabilities. This light version of the game reportedly has been available in India.

PUBG Mobile Lite can be downloaded with a file size of 400MB. The game is intended for budget devices with less than 2GB of RAM, as quoted by Gsmarena, Sunday (07/28/2019).

PUBG Mobile Lite has a map that is smaller than the original. There are only 60 players and games that usually last around 10 minutes.

This version of the game should work well on devices that are less powerful and offer a gaming experience that is similar to the original gameplay.

5 Best Marksman Heroes in the Mobile Legends Game

August 03, 2019
Mobile Legends game is one of the games that are contested in eSports. The game developed by Moonton carries the online multiplayer battle arena (MOBA) genre.

This Mobile Legends game presents heroes that can be chosen by gamers every time they start the match. Gamers must choose one of the many heroes, from the Tank class, Fighter, Marksman, to Support.

For gamers who like to attack from a distance, a hero in the marksman class can be an option. Here are some of the best marksman heroes.

Granger is one of the best marksman heroes in the Mobile Legends game because of his skills. Using firearms, this hero can be very deadly with ultimate Sonata ultimate skills. He can also accelerate quickly thanks to the skill Rondo, which can be relied upon to advance chase or escape from enemy attacks.

Lesley, a sniper hero can be feared by opponents because one shot can be very painful. Lesley has a skill similar to Granger, namely shooting enemies from a distance. However, this hero is able to lock the target so that the blurred target can only surrender accepting bullet attacks.

Claude excels at attacking and is good at moving places. This will make it difficult for the enemy to defeat him. Claude is also accompanied by Dexter to attack so that the blow will be very painful for the opponent.

Pre-Registration of Call of Duty Mobile Already Opened, Let's Register

August 03, 2019
You fans of the Call of Duty Mobile (COD) game have been able to pre-register since it opened July 24, 2019. It has been six months since Activision and Tencent announced the game.

Through the Garena site with a Garena or Facebook account, pre-registration will also be an opportunity for you to get weapons and special prizes if you successfully invite friends to register.

Additional prizes such as the opportunity to get a roulette spin every day if you share (share) to the Facebook page or Line. In Indonesia, Garena is a publisher for COD Mobile.

Carrying the concept of battle royale, Call of Duty Mobile will use gameplay. It's the same as the games that apply the genre. Later, several modes that can be tried include Bomb Mission, Free For All, Team Death Match, and Domination. You will also find characters from the Call of Duty series, such as the Mactavish Problem, Alex Mason, Ghost, and Captan Price.

In the pre-registration site, Garena itself has not provided information about the official release date of Call of Duty Mobile in Indonesia. Until now, it is reported that more than 50,000 players have pre-registered Call of Duty Mobile.

See This 4D Highway Effect in Japan, It's Really Cool

August 02, 2019
A Japanese citizen named Takayuki Yoshida created an amazing 4D effect with the After Effect application. The 4D effect is made on the Tokyo, Japan highway. On his Twitter post, Yoshida uploaded it on June 9, 2019.

In Yoshida's post, the traffic lights on the Japanese Highway turn green and have a fantastic 4D effect. Some Warganet even thought this was a reality. Many also praised his edits.

"Damn, it is a very extraordinary effect. I can hardly think of how to make it," said a citizen.

"Edits are very cool, is there a tutorial to make it. This is very good," said another.

"I am very disappointed this is not the real thing, it looks very good," another commented.

Yoshida's edits do look real by depicting someone can walk after the green light and there are eyes watching whether there are signs of danger and whether people have finished crossing. In addition, Japan is indeed famous for its sophisticated technology so it is believed Japan is able to create such 4D effects in the real world.